Welcome to MOBISEC challs!BETA

This is a wargames website related to mobile (Android) security


This is not a traditional wargames site. To solve the app development and exploitation challenges you will need to write your own app and submit it to the analysis system.

Info about the challs at: mobisec.reyammer.io/challs
Info about the analysis system at: mobisec.reyammer.io/analysis
Slides + recordings of the MOBISEC class at: mobisec.reyammer.io/slides
Overview of the MOBISEC class at: mobisec.reyammer.io

If you try to solve a chall and get very stuck, ping me :-) I'm collecting possible frustrating failure points and will write up some suggestions. But in the meantime, rest assured that these challs are indeed solvable! I have exploits and automated tests for all challs :-) If it does not seem to work, there MUST be a reason. Find a way to debug it better!


PLEASE do NOT discuss these challenges and their solutions online. Do you want to show to the world that you are good? Great, you can point people to this website's scoreboard. But posting solutions online will spoil the fun for others, and it will make you look lame. Very lame. Don't be lame.

Got a question? Something is broken? Please ping @reyammer on twitter or send an email to yanick [at] fratantonio.me